TLG Dramatis Personae

The Long Goodbye Dramatis Personae

As refresher for those who haven’t read The Long Goodbye in a while, here is a brief description of the characters mentioned in the article “Writing The Long Goodbye”.

SPOILER ALERT: this pretty much gives the whole plot away, so don’t go any further if you haven’t read the book (and want to do so in blissful ignorance).

Candy – Chileno “houseboy” of Roger Wade. His real name is Juan Garcia de Soto yo Soto-mayor. He carries a knife and is very loyal to his boss.

Terry Lennox – Down and out drunk whom Marlowe befriends and gets back on his feet at the beginning of the book. When his rich wife Sylvia is murdered in the guest house at the back of their estate, Marlowe helps Lennox escape to Mexico. It is Marlowe’s unwillingness to believe his friend’s subsequent confession in an (apparent) suicide note that fuels much of the action. Also known as Paul Marston at the time he marries Eileen Wade in England, and Cisco Maioranos when he comes back to see Marlowe at the very end.

Sylvia Lennox – Promiscuous wife of Terry Lennox and daughter of Harlan Potter.

Linda Loring – Daughter of Harlan Potter and wife of Dr. Loring. She goes to Paris to divorce Loring and asks Marlowe to marry her near the end of the book.

Dr. Loring – Husband of Linda and personal physician to Eileen Wade. A pompus prig, he serves as Harlan Potter’s representative in discussions with police and other officials.

Philip Marlowe – Chandler’s private eye protagonist.

Mendy Menendez – Las Vegas club owner, racketeer and friend to Terry Lennox. Lennox saved the lives of Menendez and Randy Starr when they served together in a British commando unit during WWII.

Bernie Ohls – Assistant Chief of Homicide for the Los Angeles Sheriff”s Office. He is an old friend of Marlowe”s, but their relationship sours during the course of the book.

Harlan Potter – Rich industrialist, father of Sylvia Lennox and Linda Loring, interested only in maintaining his privacy.

Howard Spencer – New York publisher of Roger Wade.

Randy Starr – Partner of Mendy Menendez, apparently senior to him in the organization.

Eileen Wade – Wife of Roger. She was secretly married to Paul Marston/Terry Lennox during the war, but thought him dead.

Roger Wade – Author of popular historical romances, husband of Eileen. A heavy binge drinker who often blacks out, he is one of Sylvia Lennox’s many lovers.