Dead Beat Scroll Chapter Illustrations

Stockton Tunnel at Bush
Flood Building
Downtown Berkeley BART Station
Anglo Bank Building
Flood Building Entrance on Market Street
Stockton Tunnel Overlook
Russell Street
Entrance to The Huntington Hotel
Entrance to the Sir Francis Drake Hotel
Victorians on Clay Street
Hearst Building
Another Cafe
Apartment Building at 891 Post Street
Union Square Sports Bar
Sugar Coat Nail Salon
Aranda Residence Hotel
The Huntington Hotel
Tenderloin Police Station
Flood Building Lobby
Self Storage on Pennsylvania Avenue
Hotel Pickwick
Congregation Emanu-El
House on Arguello Boulevard
John's Grill
Ling's Salon
Ben Hur Apartments
Grain Elevator, China Basin
Dashiell Hammett Street
Mountain View Cemetery Mausoleum


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Street scenes from San Francisco used to illustrate Mark’s novel The Dead Beat Scroll.